Silhouettes of Stars is OUT NOW via I, Voidhanger Records. This is not a new album, but a compilation of material left over from the past ten years of Midnight Odyssey.


Silhouettes of Stars

Next year is the tenth anniversary of Midnight Odyssey. It is with great pleasure that I can announce a special Midnight Odyssey release for this milestone, entitled “Silhouettes of Stars”. This 2CD compilation will contain a vast amount of unreleased material recorded since 2007, from the original online only recordings, dubbed “The Darker Rebellion”, to tracks taken from the sessions of each Midnight Odyssey album. It will also include for the first time on CD, the singles Magica and The Night Has Come For Me. Silhouettes of Stars will be released by I, Voidhanger Records in early 2017. 

And as a little bonus before the end of year, I can also present to you a track taken from this release, called A Whisper’s Emptiness. This song was originally recorded in a vastly different form before Funerals…, then re-recorded as a possible track for the Converge Rivers of Hell release, then finally re-worked for a possible release on Shards of Silver Fade! 
See you all in 2017!
Dark Regards


Dissvarth – Between the Light and the Moon Purchase & Nokturnal Mortum Tribute

Dissvarth’s Between the Light and the Moon can now be purchased from Bandcamp here:

Also, Midnight Odyssey is proud to be a part of the 22nd anniversary of Nokturnal Mortum. “22 Years Among the Sheep” is a 5 CD compilation, available via Heritage Recordings. Midnight Odyssey covers the classic “Carpathian Mysteries” from Lunar Poetry.



Dissvarth – Between the Light and the Moon


Dissvarth’s debut album, “Between the Light and the Moon”, will be released by I, Voidhanger Records in March this year. This is a neo-classical and folk project by Dis Pater and Svarthen of Aeon Winds (Slovakia). 

Taken from I, Voidhanger Records Promo:

The enchanting, etheric songs of “Between The Light And The Moon” are the result of their collaboration and their love for the music of Dead Can Dance, Elend, Arcana, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Leaving the metal influences behind, the duo has distilled a pure concentrate of atmospheric ambient imbued with classical music, enriched with cosmic tones, fascinating neo-folk acoustic passages, a prominent darkwave feel, and crystalline vocal melodies.
DISSVARTH’s music is simple, yet transcending and incredibly intense. There’s no sadness in these notes, but the kind of melancholy brought up by nighttime reflections and bittersweet memories, mixed with the reassuring hopes for a better tomorrow. DISSVARTH speak to our spirit, and their cosmic tales of loss and abandon reconcile us with our lives.


1. Into Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies (12:27)
2. Ablaze Of Solar Night (2:21)
3. Between The Light And The Moon (2:24)
4. Polaris (5:26)
5. Halls Hidden In Eternal Fog (6:45)
6. Sink Below To Shadow (3:51)
7. From A Journey Comes The Forgotten (4:34)
8. Through Oceans Of Stars (1:58)
9. …Which Dreams Forgot (12:24)

Total running time 52:10

The Night Has Come For Me

Back in 1998-1999, I began writing what would become some basic black metal riffs and songs. But back then, I had nothing but my dad’s old acoustic guitar. It was rusted, and very hard to play, but I would play, tremolo picking style, imagining what it would sound like with distortion and drums and keys. My guitar teacher at the time lent me a P.A. system which I could plug in via a pick-up on the guitar. It had a tape recorder and a really simple 4/4 metronome. I recorded what would be three albums worth of songs onto tape, which have unfortunately been lost and forever gone. However, the first album plus one or two songs from the second, I have remembered. I played them so much that I can always remember them. I used to play them when on holidays at my grandma’s house at the beach, and sit outside under the verandah when a storm was coming and I played it, imagining it was sounding like Dimmu Borgir’s Stormblast, or Satyricon’s Mother North. In particular, was the first song I ever wrote. I don’t remember the original lyrics as I never recorded vocals, and I don’t think I ever really had proper song titles. But I know how it goes off by heart. I have attempted to re-record it several times, never being happy as I have somehow tried to make it fit to whatever album I was writing at the time. 

However, earlier this year, just after Shards was released, I began recording another version. It is a song that I feel always holds me back as I want to use it somewhere, but it never fits as it is such an old style for me. 
So here it is, by itself as a digital only single, a song which has been with me for a long time: The Night Has Come For Me.

Updated Website + News

As you may have noticed, the website is in the process of being updated. A lot has happened and with most of my updates going on Facebook, I have left the site slide into a state of being outdated.

The main news of course to celebrate is Shards of Silver Fade being out for a while and selling really well! Also the vinyl editions of The Forest Mourners, Firmament and Below the Crevices are out and I have made a special page with links for those interested in buying copies from the respective labels. 

My ambient/neo-classical project with Svarthen from Aeon Winds is progressing well. Dissvarth is the name of the project, and the album should be out early next year through I, Voidhanger Records.

2015 has been quite a busy and eventful year for myself.

Thanks for your support.

“Magica” Nearly Sold Out

The 7″ split between Midnight Odyssey and Spire has nearly sold out!

This release will not be pressed again.

As I know a lot of you will miss out, I have created a Bandcamp Page where you can get it as a digital download, which is linked HERE