The Night Has Come For Me

Back in 1998-1999, I began writing what would become some basic black metal riffs and songs. But back then, I had nothing but my dad’s old acoustic guitar. It was rusted, and very hard to play, but I would play, tremolo picking style, imagining what it would sound like with distortion and drums and keys. My guitar teacher at the time lent me a P.A. system which I could plug in via a pick-up on the guitar. It had a tape recorder and a really simple 4/4 metronome. I recorded what would be three albums worth of songs onto tape, which have unfortunately been lost and forever gone. However, the first album plus one or two songs from the second, I have remembered. I played them so much that I can always remember them. I used to play them when on holidays at my grandma’s house at the beach, and sit outside under the verandah when a storm was coming and I played it, imagining it was sounding like Dimmu Borgir’s Stormblast, or Satyricon’s Mother North. In particular, was the first song I ever wrote. I don’t remember the original lyrics as I never recorded vocals, and I don’t think I ever really had proper song titles. But I know how it goes off by heart. I have attempted to re-record it several times, never being happy as I have somehow tried to make it fit to whatever album I was writing at the time. 

However, earlier this year, just after Shards was released, I began recording another version. It is a song that I feel always holds me back as I want to use it somewhere, but it never fits as it is such an old style for me. 
So here it is, by itself as a digital only single, a song which has been with me for a long time: The Night Has Come For Me.