Dissvarth – Between the Light and the Moon


Dissvarth’s debut album, “Between the Light and the Moon”, will be released by I, Voidhanger Records in March this year. This is a neo-classical and folk project by Dis Pater and Svarthen of Aeon Winds (Slovakia). 

Taken from I, Voidhanger Records Promo:

The enchanting, etheric songs of “Between The Light And The Moon” are the result of their collaboration and their love for the music of Dead Can Dance, Elend, Arcana, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Leaving the metal influences behind, the duo has distilled a pure concentrate of atmospheric ambient imbued with classical music, enriched with cosmic tones, fascinating neo-folk acoustic passages, a prominent darkwave feel, and crystalline vocal melodies.
DISSVARTH’s music is simple, yet transcending and incredibly intense. There’s no sadness in these notes, but the kind of melancholy brought up by nighttime reflections and bittersweet memories, mixed with the reassuring hopes for a better tomorrow. DISSVARTH speak to our spirit, and their cosmic tales of loss and abandon reconcile us with our lives.


1. Into Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies (12:27)
2. Ablaze Of Solar Night (2:21)
3. Between The Light And The Moon (2:24)
4. Polaris (5:26)
5. Halls Hidden In Eternal Fog (6:45)
6. Sink Below To Shadow (3:51)
7. From A Journey Comes The Forgotten (4:34)
8. Through Oceans Of Stars (1:58)
9. …Which Dreams Forgot (12:24)

Total running time 52:10