Silhouettes of Stars

Next year is the tenth anniversary of Midnight Odyssey. It is with great pleasure that I can announce a special Midnight Odyssey release for this milestone, entitled “Silhouettes of Stars”. This 2CD compilation will contain a vast amount of unreleased material recorded since 2007, from the original online only recordings, dubbed “The Darker Rebellion”, to tracks taken from the sessions of each Midnight Odyssey album. It will also include for the first time on CD, the singles Magica and The Night Has Come For Me. Silhouettes of Stars will be released by I, Voidhanger Records in early 2017. 

And as a little bonus before the end of year, I can also present to you a track taken from this release, called A Whisper’s Emptiness. This song was originally recorded in a vastly different form before Funerals…, then re-recorded as a possible track for the Converge Rivers of Hell release, then finally re-worked for a possible release on Shards of Silver Fade! 
See you all in 2017!
Dark Regards