From Forest to Firmament

The Forest Mourners

Forest Mourners

Recorded in 2008 and released as a Pro CD-R demo of 100 copies the same year. Re-released and remastered in 2010 by Kunsthauch Records with a limited edition of 13 coming with a glossy metallic poster of the new artwork. Released for the first time on vinyl in 2015 by Essential Purification Records in three colours: black (300), purple-red (100), and glow in the dark marbled (100).

Journey Across the Sea

From afar these strangers came
With fire in their eyes
Their swords were jewelled, their shields adorned
Their tongues all spoke of lies

They burnt our shrines, they killed our gods
They took all that we owned
They raped our wives and killed the men
Some hung and some were stoned

But from this day I will return a man so strong and brave
I’ll claim the land, my stolen home
Their blood my father’s gave
With an army a million strong, I’ll march for their glory
And they shall fear my name before I sail across the sea

I am the storms, that crash into the sea
I am the serpent who lurks in waters deep
Eternal vengeance, fuels my inner soul
A reclamation of all that you stole

I am the vermin, that bite at your feet
I am the howling, unsettling your sleep
And in your visions, you see the flames
Death is returning, and wrath is his name

Night Spirits


Spirit of the Winter Mountain

Upon the mountain, within the fog
Lies a spirit who sings a song
He lures men up his wicked peaks

Then casts his wrath for the blood he seeks
The pride of men, he takes away
When he hungers, his song will lead them astray

Oh come to me, I can help
Come and take my hand
I’m the mountain’s only son, born from deep within

From a distance I see amongst the trees, his pale face
I crave the blood and the flesh
His final breath I can already taste

Oh come to me, I can help
Come take my hand
I’m the mountain’s only son, born from deep within

I see you’ve come far away and are alone again
Oh come to me, lonesome man
You’re not king of this mountain

Twilight Storm


Forest Mourners

Under the moonlight, in winter’s realm
The trees are silent, the wolves as well
Only the footsteps of men are heard
As they carry the wooden hearse

Mournful cries, flowing tears
Into the forest, they disappear

And from the trees, a funeral dirge
The forest mourners are forever heard

Under the evening fog the torches burn
The flaming flickers, light the twists and turns
And when they reach the sacred grove
The air gets colder, death consumes the shadows



Recorded in 2009 as released as a Pro CD-r demo of 100 copies. Re-released in 2010 by I, Voidhanger Records with new artwork and the last track shortened and slightly renamed. (Changed from “From Beyond the Eighth Sphere” to “Beyond the Eighth Sphere”). Released on vinyl for the first time in 2015 through Amor Fati Productions with 400 copies coming in Black, and 100 in Blue/Black.

From Forest to Firmament

into the forest I hear a shivering voice
She’s calling me to mourn the end of life
But which life ends, another’s or mine
In the end we all succumb to time
And then I see her standing
With her finger pointed at me
She tells me when I fall asleep tonight
That I will take my last breath of life
Under the crimson fullmoon,
My time will cease

I’ll leave the forest for the astral sky.
Her words are sealed by a cold kiss
Then she wanders out of sight.
I try to stay awake all night
The moon is low, my eyes are heavy
I soon succumb to total exhaustion
Though fearful thoughts dominate me
I feel the end is nigh
I can’t pretend that this is a dream
All I can do is look to the sky

Nocturnal Prey

Drowning is misery,
of thoughtlessness decay
The shadows engulf me
like a cunning predator
And I am its prey, helpless and alone
Without a prancing light to lead me away
The sombre noises of the darkest night
play in my head and their music is madness
I am their prey, confused and haunted
Without the insight to keep them away

The stars are trying
to lure me to their light
The fire’s calling me
to share its warmth
The wolves are howling
to keep me on my toes
The owl is watching me now

he sees my movement
from within the trees
he senses unease
and stares a little closer
he smells my flesh
from which will be a feast
Of night’s unholy minions.
Lying in peace,
no more air do I breathe
The rats pick and prod
and scavenge from my bones
I am their prey, a blissful winter feast
And now I smile, the pain has gone away.

Departing Flesh and Bone


A Host for Ghosts


As Dark and Ominous as Stormclouds

ery quickly the night turns into day
The darkness forced to hide
to become shadows
The solace of the fullmoon
has been replaced
By the glaring heat of the sun

The rays pierce through me,
my spirit wanes
I wish to hide, though I have no body
I feel so dry, I feel as if I could die again.
As minutes pass
I see the sign of stormclouds
I see them forming as if in haste

Someone or something
is trying to shelter me
I feel no need to shy away.
The dark grey clouds
have blanketed the sunshine
The air is colder
and still there is no sound
I sense the start of thunder
and pouring rain
as my spirit flies into the storm.

Salvation Denied

The rain pours down,
it’s freezing cold
And soon I’m flying
through a storm of ice
I’ve not been this cold
since the moment I died
and though I left my flesh behind,
I shiver.

The thunder crashes down
It’s quite a dreadful sound
and the lightning bolts
go flashing around.
And without knowing
I’m struck a shock so strong
and I go crashing back down
to the ground.

Storms of Fire and Ice


From Firmament to Forest

Condemned to fall,
I feel the weight of thousands
as nothing halts my drop
into the brimstone halls
I see the moon
and stars getting further away
I know the fate that holds me,
I know the pain to come.
The light above gets smaller,
I feel the heat rise
The blackness of this dwelling
mirrors the night sky

And cries of pain surround me
And hands reach out to grab me
And evil souls possess me
And show me tortured visions

Now I wander weightless,
my touch is freezing cold
The souls have complete control,
I’ve surrendered purgatory
I know my future will bring me back
once more
To the forest where I died, to roam
the earth once more…

Beyond the Eighth Sphere