Written and recorded from November 2009 to January 2011. All lyrics 2010-2011. Double Cd release in 2011 by I, Voidhanger Records. Comes with a 20-page booklet, in a slipcase.

Disc 1 

Fallen from Firmament

The spiteful heavens remain a broken and pointless dream
Am I to wander and be terrestrial forever?
I craved the silence and solitude of death in the stars
Instead I feel chained and bound to this wretched earth

Back in this forest, I feel the presence of living things
Deep in the surface I feel the rotting of flesh and bone
And in the distance I see a tombstone whose name I know
And whose untimely death is mourned by no one

I craved the silence and solitude of death in the stars
Instead I feel chained and bound to this wretched earth

A Death So Pure

In the silence of the trees, I hear them singing
And in the darkness one is dying
And he is burning…

Against the Moonlight

The flames have died against the moonlight
For an age he has lived and served
The smoke has choked his last breath
And so he leaves this world behind

His soul now gazes at his jarred flesh
And he sees that he can do no more
A weight, it seems, has been lifted
But still I see a sadness in his eyes

I see a sense of failure
That clouds his passage to death
And those clouds are dark and burdened
What vision does his kind foresee?

An Ode to Dying Spirits

O’ hear me spirit
It will be over before we know it’s begun
O’ see me spirit
I am alone now waiting for darkness to fall

You cannot hear me
You cannot see me
You stand their watching
Your eyes are both empty
The world will fall now
And you will perish
Your life is over
My words seem to haunt thee

Don’t worry spirit
I cannot help you
You turned your head away
O’ crying spirit
Death is upon you
All the world dies as one

You will no hear me
You will not see me
You fall down watching
Your soul is withering
The world will die now
We all will perish
Our lives are over
Your words seem to haunt me…

When Death Comes Crawling

As you leave me
I feel such loneliness sweep over me
I sense the world getting darker
And the air getting colder
death is haunting these woods
And I can see all those
Whose flesh he will soon touch
He will soon touch…

The fragrance of dying flesh is burning
And slightly overwhelming
As sure as those who protect this forest slowly die
So do the bonds of those who need its air and nourishment
Soon all shall die

All the crying of those dying
Haunts those hunting and those running
Death is creeping on those weeping
There is no chance for those sleeping

Now it’s snowing, the winds blowing
There is nothing new now growing
Leaves are falling, bodies sprawling
There’s no hope when death comes crawling

Silently In Shadow

t’s creeping, it’s creeping silently in shadow
It’s listening, it’s listening for the sound of breathing
It wanders, it wanders where no eyes will see it
It’s always, it’s always just a step away

It’s feeding, it’s feeding on the dreams of mortals
It’s draining, it’s draining all the life away
It grows with, it grows with every fear of man
It’s always, it’s always just a breath away

And in this age of darkness it grows
Its empty void is now visible
A vacuum of living things
Whose souls it feasts
Mankind has only itself to blame…

Its shadow now seems not as silent
This black hole absorbs all the light
The silhouettes of mankind
Now merge with the void
Who can now tell them apart?


Lost, lost in the mist and the trees
I will go where the wind never blows
All alone in this dark maze of trees
I will go where the sun never glows
Ache, take my spirit away
Where I go, no one will know…

Tears of Starfire

The death of an ancient being
Deserves more than a mortal’s tear
Its existence is much more than our own
I feel nature’s pain and sorrow

So when I look to the heavens
I see a shower of stars
The cosmos is bellowing
And shedding tears of starfire…

The earth is drowning in fires
Sent from beyond the eighth sphere
The pain of the ancients
Shall wipe the earth clean
The trace of mortals will soon disappear

And all man’s creation is falling
Their towers of strength come down
The fires of destruction are reflecting
Within nocturnal beasts’ eyes

Disc 2

Journey Across The Stars

When the heavens are falling, he’ll come
And bring with him destruction
He’s travelled many moons and many stars
He is the bearer of bad news

“Oh mortal ones, you have reaped what you’ve sown.
Take these wounds as your last chance before I return”

And faster than a candle burns, he goes
On his journey back across the stars
He leaves an anxious world behind
For those still alive will remember his words

“Oh mortal ones, you have reaped what you’ve sown.
Take these wounds as your last chance before I return”

Never to Return

All I see, can’t be real, all is calm
Weightless sound, entrances me
My thoughts are free

The night is calling us away
The vast plains of stardust amaze
It lights the dark and endless path
If only I could stay, never to return

A Midnight Odyssey


From a Celestial Throne

From up in the stars
I look back on our earth
I see a prisoner’s dwelling
Needing to be cleansed
From afar it looks wondrous
Enigmatic and serene
But when it’s viewed more closely
The filth can be seen

From up in the stars
They laugh at our dreams
They see the foolishness
Of our quarrels and beliefs
How mortal man has wandered
So far from the path
And now the beasts await
To feast on our mistakes

From a celestial throne
I see a vision of burning trees
The blackened seeds are sown
A cosmic thunder will bury our screams
From a celestial throne
I’ll watch the mortal earth tremble
The blackened seeds have grown
And from beneath the earth they strangle

Secrets and Solitude

In the silence of the astral realm
There are whispers of an unknown tongue
The more I listen, the less I know
Of myself… of my existence

Shores Serene

There is a lake way up in the sky
It’s where the ancient spirits go to die
Its shores serene, its waters calm
Its silence surreal, the astral graveyard

Those Who Linger at Night

“I am the forest, the keeper of fate
I have awakened to die
These trees are old, my breath is frail
I can no longer protect them”

“O’ ancient spirit, I did not know
My presence has brought this fate
If only I could erase the trace
Of mankind’s foolish ways”

“Your kind has come here and burned the heart
Of those who linger at night
They held the secrets, our precious fate
But now they’ll drown in silence”

“O’ dying spirit, I shall prevail
And rid the world of man
They shall desire, but they will fall
This world shall drown in blood”

And with those very words
The rich green leaves all turned brown
As all the moisture dried
The spirit fell to the ground

Funerals from the Astral Sphere

Above me rises the blanket of night
A canvas lit by a million fires
But whose flames are small and far
I shall never reach their glowing warmth

They look upon me with rejection
They bring no peace to my mind
There is no comfort in such a dark void
There’s only grief in their funerals…
From the astral sphere