Below the Fall

The Crevices Below


The Crevices Below - Below The Crevices

All lyrics and music written and recorded in January – February 2011 during flooding rains. Except “Whispers of Sorrow” written in 2007. Released in 2011 by Nordvis Productions. Artwork by Kogaion Art. Released on vinyl by Wolfsgrimm Records in 2015 limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

Below The Crevices

Look below your feet.
Look closely at the ground
Someone below is watching.
Through the cracks in the stone
Their eyes are following your every move
Your every breath…

These eyes are glowing crimson in the dark
They do not trust those who live above
It is the light that drives them mad
And it’s the darkness that provides solace.
They’ve built a vast hall carved out of stone
The sound of hammers ring through the rocky paths
They do not understand the terrors lurking above.

They serve a master adorned with the jewels
Carved from the crystals that enrich his kingdom
He sits upon a glittering throne
Below the crevices he rules alone
Nothing can touch him and none can reach him
He is the lord of the subterranean world
He is the master of his cavernous kingdom.

And he has numerous minions
Who serve and hunt for their master’s delight
But down below there is scarce food
So they are forced to hunt those who live above.

The Tombs Of Subterranea

“In the darkness in the world up there
I have not seen this thing they call the sun
I have not seen the stars
My life is to dwell in the earth
My destiny is to rest with the other tombs of subterranea.”

It’s only the light of the torches flames
That light the twisting stone paths of the netherworld
The caverns, nobody knows how far they reach
Nobody knows how deep that black abyss goes.

“I wonder what the sky must look
They say at night it’s like a cave
Lit by the light of glowworms
And in the day the sun is like a lake of fire.”

“I wonder what it must be like
To be wakened by the suns warm rays
To feel this thing they call rain
To see the seasons come and go”

A Grand Cavernous Awakening

A grand cavernous awakening fulfills this underworld’s desire
Its magmatic solitude engulfs our souls in flames
A burning passion erupts from within.
Our darkened emblazoned halls are wondrous
To truly witness this dark grandeur
Immerse yourself in the earth’s deepest abyss

“I am alone in this abyssal plain
My screams echo off the vast rising walls
I am lost in this maze of darkness and cold
I can hear the faint voices calling in vain to me”.

“And now the water drips from above
In time these waters will slowly rise
I am standing in darkness knee deep in fear
In the water I can see death reflecting back to me”.

Whispers Of Sorrow

“I hear the sombre voices pulling me in their web
The whispering wandering words
A deceitful tale of dread
They promise me a glory that I forever seek.”

Trapped In Suicidal Depths

“What’s that I hear, voices talking to me
Why won’t they go?
Their words are seething
And they’re burning
Those cracks in the wall run through the stone
Like the veins in my arms… it’s burning.”

“Am I alone? I cannot see
The clouds of blackness permeate my mind
And bloody rain is falling down
Drowning my withering soul
Am I succumbing to madness?
I am trapped in suicidal depths”.

“If only I could be away from this agony
And escape the grasp of this abysmal fate
Please take my soul away
From the chains of mortal pain
My flesh deserves nothing, but to be forgotten”.

Carrying The Cries Of The Lost

An eerie wind blows through the twisting passages
They carry the cries of the lost and the dying
And all who hear their pain suffer the knowledge of despair

Oh dark lord, up on your throne
You always hear the cries
And there is nothing you can do
But to rule with a turned eye
The howling drives your paranoia
When sleeping you keep one eye open

Oh dark lord, you rule these blackened land
But there is more you desire
It hides as deep as these great caves
But burns as bright as the torches’ flames

The howling wind, calling you to your death

Down from your throne, you leave your kingdom
And wander to the darkness never to return
And now the whispers that ride the winds
And fill our ears with despair
Are from your very lips.

Tempestuous Fall


The Stars Would Not Awake You Front Cover

All music and lyrics written in September 2011 – March 2012. Released in 2012 by I, Voidhanger Records. Guest vocals on track 1 by BM, and guest violins courtesy of Renee Hunter.

Artwork for the cover is “The Lament for Icarus” by Herbert James Draper.

Old & Grey

Laid, to rest like the roses at night
They awake at the break of dawn
But I will not
Wait for me, to decay, light the way
This dark misery clouds your dreams
Wait and see
Faint, like my lifeless flesh
Live and breathe, only cease, old and grey
Your thoughts will tempt, just refrain
The blood stains
Take another breath, near your chest, it stabs away
Layer by layer, eroding, it grips so tight
Thoughts will deepen, sinking hope, enticing despair
Tears so salty, corroding, your vision impaired
Taste your tears, drying your skin, parching thirst
Thoughts forgetting, time is flowing, years wasted
Old and grey, eyes betray, death so slow
Lights wil fade, but still your heart hurts
Come to me, come and stay, shine the way
This dark solemn path, all your dreams
Come with me.

Beneath a Stone Grave

For years I have laid
Surrounded by silence
Undisturbed for years
In a death so peaceful
So what is this noise?
Has my crypt been disturbed?
So what is this noise?
Has its seal been opened?
Even though I lie
Entombed behind
This large stone grave
I feel a presence
I feel a warmth
The kind death knows not
I feel a warmth
The kind that betrays the living
“Oh mortal being
You have disturbed my sleep
And I ask why?
I don’t encroach on the living
So why must you awaken the dead?
The fetid air
Is my resting place
And I wish to be left alone
In this darkness I wish to be
Surrounded by the cold of stone”.

Marble Tears

In this barren season / Only once a year
Upon her fine face / Drop the marble tears
Her cries are silent / But to touch these stones
Is to know her anguish / A fleeting sense of fear

Does she disturb / The realm of the dead?
Or is her presence / A bitter relief
For the one whose abode / Lies beneath the earth
Though he may rejoice / She laments her fate

“This curse haunts me / I will never escape it
The fates binding / Those tempting cursed seeds”

“One season here / Three seasons living in fear
That fetid air / Oh how I dread it down there
I can’t escape / When I am bound to this fate
Oh Hades hear / Your season’s end draws near”

“Below the sunlight’s reach / Dark magic bears the fruit
The cursed juice so sweet / That wicked curse by you…”

“Prisoned to be with you / Shall I never forget?
That day the earth opened / and swallowed up my grace”

In this barren season / Never twice a year
Down from her fair face / Pour the marble tears
Her pain is silent / But to take these stones
Is to share her anguish / And to be cursed like her.

The Stars Would Not Awake You

Streams, washing away, taking your remains
The sky, where you once dwelt, before you fell down
The stars, would not awake, to save you today
The earth, taker of life, giver of mourning

Sunlight, you seem so harsh
My eyes can’t bear your warmth
Please recede and set
Let me grieve in the dark
Moonlight, you seem so pure
Your glow distracts my thoughts
Please rise and stay tonight
Help me, for I am alone

Dreams, moving away, flowing within me
Your face, once seemed so clear, now disappears
Your trace, formless in shape, shapeless in haze
Your name, I cannot say, I can’t remember your face…

A Cold Stale Goodbye

The night is young and the air is dangerous
I do not want you to leave this night
Don’t think it’s some childish paranoia
I sense that death’s on his horse tonight

I turn away but for a moment
And you have left me on my own
This feling grows like a seed inside me
It’s vines are strangling my insides

I chase but you are too far
I stop to breathe this air
I hear the faintest footsteps
I feel his cold breath down my neck

The eyes of his wicked horse
Stare right into mine
The last thing that I feel
A cold, stale goodbye

Death has touched me
I hear faint cries
From her voice
Oh how sick she feels inside

The night is old and drenched in staleness
I did not want to leave you this night
Your eyes are filled with deep hysteria
I sense that death won’t come for a while