Midnight Odyssey – Firmament DLP – OUT NOW!



The vinyl odyssey continues!

-will be available in black and marbled (black/blue) vinyl (180g)

-350g full colour gatefold cover with gloss lamination

-5mm spine

-all assembly in a PVC overbag


Shards of Silver Fade

I would like to officially announce the new Midnight Odyssey album is well on its way to being completed. Due out next year through I, Voidhanger Records, the double album will be called “Shards of Silver Fade”.

It will feature the following tracks


1. From a Frozen Wasteland

2. Hunter of the Celestial Sea

3. Son of Phoebus

4. A Ghost in Gleaming Stars


1. Asleep is the Fire

2. Starlight Oblivion

3. Darker Skies Once Radiant

8. Shards of Silver Fade

The album will total over 2 hours and 20 minutes in length. Musically it is a continuation of the “Converge, Rivers of Hell” release, a natural combination of all three projects into one.

I know releasing a double album this long will be to the dislike of many people who enjoy short tunes to enjoy on their iPods or whatnot, but the very reason for creating something this long is to try to convey the importance of getting lost in the music. I consider this more of a soundtrack, and each song an epic mini-release in its own right. 

Over the coming months, previews of the album will be posted online. 

“The Forest Mourners” Vinyl

The very first demo/album by Midnight Odyssey, “The Forest Mourners”, will be heading for a vinyl release sometime next year courtesy of Essential Purification Records.

The album will be remastered specifically for vinyl.


I, Voidhanger and Kunsthauch Bandcamp Pages

I, Voidhanger Records now has an official Bandcamp Page.

From here you can purchase most of the fantastic releases from the label for download, including

Midnight Odyssey – Funerals From The Astral Sphere

and the: 

Converge, Rivers of Hell release. 

Also, Kunsthauch Records has a Bandcamp Page where you can purchase for download:

Midnight Odyssey – The Forest Mourners

Midnight Odyssey/Aeon Winds – Aeon Odyssey